Americas Choice Contractors FL | Process
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Our Process


Step One

Initial Phone Consultation.  On this initial call, we hear from you what you are trying to accomplish and where your project is located.   You’ll hear from us whether we think your project might be a good fit for our capabilities and a rough budget range.


Step Two

The Site Visit.  During this next step, we’ll come out to your house or commercial property and “walk the job.”  We’ll dive into more details, take measurements, and discuss options and ideas.  Figure between 1 to 2 hours.


Step Three

Estimating and Budgeting.  Based on the information you have given to us, we’ll work up a detailed budget for your project.  We’ll also put together a timeline for the project based on your estimated start date.  Then, we will go through the budget and timeline with you in detail at a meeting at our office.  This meeting will usually take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the scope of the project.


Step Four

The Deposit.  If the budget and timeline meet your expectations, we will take a deposit and schedule your project!  If the project is smaller in scope, we will collect the balance upon completion.  For larger, multi-month projects, we will collect a progress payment monthly, with the last payment due upon completion.


Step Five

Warranty.  We warranty our labor for 1 year from completion for remodeling and roofing.  Material warranties will vary from product to product and may be substantially longer.


Step Six

30-day follow up.  Whether we’ve done a kitchen, bath, or whole house remodel, or repaired or replaced your roof, we’ll follow up at 30 days, just to make sure that everything is working out as planned and that you are totally happy with the outcome.


Step Seven

Referrals!  If we have met or exceeded your expectations, we hope and expect that you will give us a referral to someone you know that may need a trusted contractor to help them.