Americas Choice Contractors FL | Kitchen Remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeler – Boca Raton FL


Have you ever noticed that when people entertain, there always seems to be a gathering in the kitchen? It seems to be the hub of the home and often plays a dynamic role in the family’s daily activities. We can customize a kitchen specifically tailored to accommodate your lifestyle.




Standard kitchen remodels can range from $25,000 to $75,000. Obviously, prices can vary drastically based on size, material selections and work scope but the above range give a good reference for considering a proper budget.

America’s Choice Contractors collaborates with its clients to complete your project specifically tailored to your life and budget. Although unexpected challenges are not out of the ordinary in construction, many years of experience has provided us with the ability to forecast with relative accuracy what it’s going to take to complete your project and we include these items in our pricing.  We pride ourselves on minimizing change orders.




Our project managers guide the entire process from design through completion. Every step in the process will be organized to assure efficient progress on a timely schedule. Arrangements are carefully planned to assist the job in running as smoothly as possible. Assuming no out of the ordinary delays, calendar about 6 weeks for your kitchen remodel.




We permit all of our remodeling projects.  Obtaining a permit not only ensures that your upgrades are being completed safely and to code requirements but also are being performed by a licensed and insured Florida contractor.

Another reason to permit your work is that when it is time to sell, you can prove the work was performed to code and all inspections were completed, thus making it easier for your buyer to obtain financing and helping you avoid costly rework to come up to code.


Material & Design Selection


We work with very talented interior designers, decorators, and architects that will be happy to work with you for as long as needed to assure you are selecting the design and materials that you will be proud of. They will even go shopping with you to assist with color and material choices.


Our Process


Projects are completed successfully if a process is followed.  Over the years, we have developed a very good process for kitchen remodeling.

Click Here to learn more about our process.