Americas Choice Contractors FL | Insurance Restoration Services
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Insurance Restoration


When tragedy strikes, our team is here to help you restore your property, memories, and your life.

Our extensive experience working with insurance companies in South Florida on water, fire, mold, and wind damage claims makes us a smart choice to assist you in putting your life back together.  See the sections below for more information on each of these areas.


The Insurance Claim Process: We Can Help


The claims process can be frustrating. Insurance companies are “for profit” organizations and commonly pay as little as possible to settle claims; they typically underpay claims by 50% or more. We have successfully handled hundreds of insurance claims in South Florida from minor claims to major catastrophes.


We Guarantee To Do All Work At Insurance Company Proceeds


The only financial obligation for you is your deductible and any upgrades that you may want while we are rebuilding your home.


Hurricane & Disaster Response Team


Most people think of hurricanes and tornados when they think of “storm damage.” But, tropical storms or thunderstorms with gusting winds can cause significant damage to homes and businesses as well. Our storm services include:
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Damage Assessment and Insurance Claim Preparation
  • Meeting with insurance adjuster to review scope of damage
  • Emergency Board-Up Services
  • Complete reconstruction services

Water and Mold Damage Cleanup and Restoration


Mold is a silent, dangerous problem that often surfaces its ugly face after a water intrusion of some nature. Roof, plumbing, and A/C failures are the most common cause of a mold problem. Although mold is a naturally existing micro-organism that is all around us, it can cause significant damage to your home. This is particularly true here in South Florida due to the very high humidity levels that are so prevalent here. When there is an excessive amount of mold in your home, it can be detrimental to your family’s health, especially to babies, seniors, and those with compromised immune systems. Mold can also damage drywall, insulation, and many other components of your home.
Our services include:
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Professional Mold Testing / Assessment & Insurance Claim Preparation
  • Effective Containment of Effected Area and Elimination of Contaminated Materials
  • Industrial-Grade Water Extractors, Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers
  • Application of Disinfectants and Anti-Microbial Agents
  • Mold Clearance Testing
  • Content Cleaning
  • Air Sanitation and Deodorization
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
Fire Damage Restoration Services


America’s Choice Contractors understands the devastating toll that a fire can cause. We are here to help you through this tough time by assisting you through the restoration process in a professional and compassionate manner.


Our services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Damage Assessment & Insurance Claim Preparation
  • Effective Containment of Effected Area and Elimination of Contaminated Materials
  • Industrial-Grade Water Extractors, Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers
  • Smoke and Soot Clean-Up
  • Odor Elimination and Air Purification
  • Meticulous Content Handling and Securing in Storage Facility
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
Smoke Odor Removal


We are often asked how to remove smoke odor after a fire.  America’s Choice Contractors uses this four-step process to remove odors

  • Remove unsalvageable debris that contributes to odor and recontamination of clean, deodorized areas.
  • Clean all salvageable areas and articles to remove odor-causing residue.
  • Use a counteractant to chase residual odor. In the case of smoke, spray a deodorizing fog that neutralizes odor-causing substances.
  • Seal surfaces that can be salvaged and are inaccessible or lightly scorched. This is not simply for aesthetic reasons, but to encapsulate odor and prevent further contamination.
Why Choose America’s Choice Contractors?


We get your property back to pre-loss condition, faster. Our specialized equipment and training combined with our vast restoration experience delivers complete hurricane / tropical storm restoration services that will rebuild your home and your life as professionally and efficiently as possible.


To get help fast, call America’s Choice Contractors TODAY! 954-533-0707