Americas Choice Contractors FL | About the Company
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Building Our Business

Our team is driven by a strong set of values that dictate our business practices. We use a hands-on approach to projects and take pride in the fact that we are a diverse, experienced construction company. Building strong relationships is just as important to us as building strong structures. Our #1 priority is to satisfy our client. A “Do Whatever it Takes” attitude is what we give our clients, every time for every project.

About Boca Raton’s Best Roofing Process

The key to success is having a process and following it. Skipping steps usually leads to a less than happy outcome, while checking all the boxes pretty much ensures a great project.
At America’s Choice Contractors, we have honed our process over the last decade and found following it leads to a high success rate.

Our Story

Since inception in February of 2006, America’s Choice Contractors, Inc. has operated in South Florida with the goal of complete client satisfaction. We are known for providing quality, professional services at reasonable rates. Our field teams are managed by seasoned professionals who are not only leaders but expert craftsman. We can manage nearly any type of project, commercial or residential, large or small.

About Us

President and company qualifier, William Roberts, has over 20 years in the construction business. His leadership and high level of integrity has trickled down throughout the company. His experience is diverse, starting from performing manual labor and project management to his current role as President of this firm. This vast experience has proven invaluable to the growth of the organization. William’s “Do Whatever it Takes” philosophy is a major reason that the majority of their new business is referral-driven coming from previously satisfied clients.